1. Once a Customer order has been received we will endeavour to place an order with our supplier within the hour.
  2. Our supplier delivery is weekly and currently occurs every Wednesday.
  3. If a customer places an order by 12pm on a Tuesday, we will be able to order the products for that Wednesday and the customer will be available to collect from store after 3pm on the Wednesday.
  4. However if a customer places an order after 12pm on a Tuesday, we will miss the available delivery slot and the products will be ordered for the following Wednesday, we will try our best to put late orders through but they will not be guaranteed until the following Wednesday.
  5. These offers are available to local customers to collect from store, however they can be delivered by courier at our advertised rates, we do not offer free home delivery with these products unless they are part of a regular delivery which includes our normal product ranges.

If the Super Deal products sell out at our suppliers will will do our best to honour the discount, however in cases where;

  1. We are unable to order products as they are no longer available (no longer stocked)
  2. The supplier is unable to meet the demands of the order.

We reserve the right to cancel your order providing the customer with a full refund, if this occurs we will try our best to source a similar product or offer an alternative discounted solution to resolve the situation.

Reasons we offer this service:

We are only a small independent pet supplies store and this is our only way to contend with the bigger chains, we have regular deals available to us but we don’t have the capacity or money to invest in the stock, Super Deals is our way of passing on the massive savings to our customers but removing the risk of over stocking items that may not sell.

We could order these products ourselves saving money then sell them for RRP or more, meaning we achieve bigger margins, which is normal in our industry, however we want to be different and standout from the crowd.

Since opening our store in 2015 we have been price sensitive, keeping our prices RRP or less .

We have decided we want to offer more products but offer them at the best prices and this is our way to contend with the big boys.

Please help support us and we will make sure we keep these offers coming each and every month.

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