Natures Menu Dog Raw Frozen Complete Nuggets Beef 1kg


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A meaty Complete and Balanced raw meal that is also the lowest fat of all our raw meals.
Created in easy to serve ice cube sized frozen nuggets that can be simply counted out into the bowl and when defrosted, handed to your dog, Simple!
We recommend also feeding some of our raw meaty bones and chews throughout the week for the health of your dogs mouth, teeth and natural behaviours.
Beef is an excellent source of protein, Iron and B vitamins. Packed full of the essential nutrients to help maintain health and vitality of your dog.
Our Beef nuggets also include beef lung which is one of few cuts of beef that contains a nutritious level of vitamin C to aid your pets circulatory and immune system.
Beef is a complete protein meaning it contains all essential amino acids required by your dog.
Chicken Liver is added as a good quality source of Vitamin A and Iron.

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