Lilys Kitchen Organic Beef Pate for Cats 85g


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This recipe was previously called ‘Organic Beef Dinner’. If your cat loves a smooth pat, but prefers to tuck into Organic ingredients, then this is exactly what they’re waiting for you to bring them. A soft, smooth texture that makes them extra-lickable, our organic pat├®s are packed full of proper meat and fish that cats cant help but devour. They’ll even wake from their all-day snooze when you pop this down – made with organic ingredients: freshly prepared chicken, pork, beef and fish, together with carrots, this recipe is an absolute winner. And with no added sugars (unusual for cat food), these grain-free recipes are nutritionally complete – so they’re not only delicious, they’re the full package. Organic ingredients Made with Proper Meat And Fish Natural Ingredients Grain-free Recipes No added Sugar Complete & Balanced Recipe


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