Chuckit Rugged Flyer


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A strong, ridged frisbee.

This is one of the latest Chuckit toys out of America and the Chuckit! Rugged Flyer is a very sturdy bit of kit.

With a strong plastic body and an over molded TPR covering, the Rugged Flyer is suitable for sizes great and small. The ridged design allows for easy catching, pick up and a little bit of tug with Fido. 


One of the features we like about this toy is the flyer’s strong direction when thrown. In other words if its a windy day you’ll not be hampered like you are with other flimsy frisbees that get blown about. 


The TPR texture whilst ‘rugged’ is reasonably gentle for a dog’s mouth if catching mid-air and it can take some serious teeth too. One of our dog’s called Ned (The Black Dread), can’t seem to break this despite taking it off for a good chew. 

Weighing a light 250g and measuring 24cm in diameter most dogs large and small can enjoy this toy. Need something a bit smaller? Try the Chuckit! ZipFlight. 

Over all, if your dog beats most toys but loves fetch then this is a good bet. No toy is indestructible but this is a welcome introduction in our eyes. 

Colours are assorted so you will receive either a blue or an orange flyer. 

Small is 17cm

Large is 25cm

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