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Ordering your monthly dog food made easy, New Love Pets Website!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Love Pets website. This launch is the result of weeks of hard work. We sell many brands of Dog food – Natural Instinct Raw Dog Food and Canagan Dog Food are just a few to mention. We are able to order most Dog foods in for customers, so please let us know if we can help. As soon as we order new products into stock, we will update our website to include them so other customers are able to select and order them too.

We now have over 2,000 products available in our online catalogue, unfortunately not all products have an image yet, but at least customers will know if we stock a particular item making it easy to order online for either our click and collect service or our free local delivery service, if you need anything which isn’t listed, please let us know we will do our best to get it for you.

We are now in our fifth year of trading, and are always looking to improve our business so we can better look after our customers. When improvements become available we will continue to update our website to accommodate them. If you have any ideas about possible improvements that we could implement, please share them with us, we maybe able to accommodate them sooner,  we want to make the experience of buying your pet food, as easy and as simple as possible – Friendships for life x

We would ask if our website visitors can keep an eye out for any minor bugs that you notice while we’re double checking that everything works properly. In the unlikely event that you experience any bugs, please drop us a line by emailing or phoning. Thanks for reading, please enjoy our brand new website!


Love Pets x

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Have you tried feeding your dog a Raw diet?

Natural instinct raw dog food

We have been selling Natural Instinct raw dog food for over 4 years, and have seen the real benefit it brings to our customers dogs. Dogs generally show improvements after a couple of weeks of being on their new diet i.e. after they have eaten their weight in food. We are not saying raw is an easy option as you do need to plan ahead and defrost the food, and some customers may find handling raw meat difficult, but the customers who have made the transition only see the positives and quickly adapt to the new feeding program, in fact we have some vegetarian customers who believe strongly enough in the benefits of a raw diet they ignore their own personal feelings to make sure their doggies are getting the very best food!

We believe the positives easily outweigh the negatives, and anyone who feeds raw would agree!

The best way to fully appreciate the benefits of the food is to speak with an owner who has made the transition to raw, recommendation in our view makes the decision an easy one.

Dog choosing natural instinct

Once you have decided to try the raw diet, choosing a raw dog food manufacturer is your next decision, there’s simply hundreds of them, but not all the manufacturers have proper accountability for their recipes i.e. where the meat is sourced from, nutritional balanced recipes and consistent quality .

We reviewed the market and choose three main manufacturers that take their foods very seriously making sure quality human grade meat is used within all their recipes.  All three of our manufacturers are DEFRA which means they have to make sure the quality stays above certain levels, if anything should impact this during manufacture the product is withdrawn and re-manufactured. If anything comes to light after manufacture the product is withdrawn from the retailer.

Ultimately this protects the quality of the food throughout the process, making sure your dog is always getting the best food at all times, with no comprises!

The three manufactures we recommend and stock are:

1. Natural Instinct

2. Nature’s Menu

3. Nutriment 

All customers who feed their dogs these foods speak very highly of them and usually recommend them to their friends and family. If your considering putting your best friend onto a raw diet then why not try Natural Instinct, we have had over 4 years of very positive customer feedback and we have personally witnessed the positive effects the food has made in keeping our customers dogs fit and healthy.

Please read our raw diet article which covers all benefits we have witnessed.

Happy dog

For a limited time we have free samples to give away! To secure your free sample please email us so we can reserve it for you. There is a limited supply, so it’s on a first come first serve basis. Free sample Friendships for life x