Bulk Discounts Available

We pride ourselves on our pricing structure, for a small independent we try to push the boundaries as much as possible.

We completely understand a customers perception on price is very different from a sellers perspective, as a seller we look to cover elements of costs that the buyer isn’t interested in knowing or even understanding, sometimes a buyer is buying in bulk to help push the price down so that he/she able to afford/ keep costs to an acceptable level. A Bulk buyer is looked at from a different perspective, we recogonise that we will achieve less profit¬† by allowing a customer an enhanced discount for an agreed level of purchasing over an agreed period of time, though we achieve less profit to cover our overheads we hopefully increase customer satisfaction long-term,¬† enhancing our customer retention rate for future growth.

We therefore will look at all bulk buying requirements on a individual basis, so we can better determine a price which hopefully makes our pricing irresistible to all customers considering our service.

Please let us know your requirements on a monthly basis and your target cost and we will review your request and provide you a proposal for your consideration.

We will keep the whole process simple and to the point.

Don’t waste anymore time, send us an email and findout how we can help your pet related supplies become more affordable.

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