Delivery Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Before placing any orders with Free Delivery, please read our terms and conditions to confirm acceptance.

Free Local Delivery (on our wheels) Free delivery is offered on all orders above £15.00 All customers within West Sussex will be offered the Free Delivery service through our website, this alone does not mean we can provide the service, West Sussex is a large county, we are unable to cover the entire geographical area. Our Free Delivery service covers the below locations (this list will be updated as we expand our services)

East Preston
(All Towns and villages between Littlehampton and Shoreham-by-sea in West Sussex)

If your town is not mentioned above, please email us your details and we will review your request to see whether we can add your location to our Free delivery service. We have No exclusions on products ordered from the website for our Free Local Delivery Service.

Please note: If you place an order through our website and you are outside our free delivery locations, we reserve the right to charge a delivery fee based upon the mileage covered, this will be discussed prior to delivery dispatch and agreed with customers. If a customer pays online for their order and the order is subject to a delivery charge, if the customer decides the fee is not acceptable then we will refund the purchase less any fees that the transaction has incurred, all refunds will be processed within 24 hours of any cancelled orders. This issue can easily be avoided if the customer chooses the “Free Delivery (COD)” Payment option at checkout as no financial transaction takes place until delivery.

Once we receive an order that qualifies for Free delivery we will usually contact the customer within 4-24hrs to arrange delivery. To avoid any problems or confusion with our Free Delivery Service, If you are unsure it is advised to always email us in the first instance to confirm.


Using our Courier Service (if your outside our Free Local Delivery Area) We are unable to supply all products via our website, due to the nature of the foods or the weight of the products, we will always endeavour to provide our customers with our best service at all times. Exclusions: Any foods or items for pets more than 2kg are excluded from the Courier Service and can only be ordered if the customer is within our free delivery coverage or is intending to use our in store Click and Collect Service. Frozen foods are also excluded from the Courier Service due to the nature of the foods these can only be delivered by our vehicle to customers located within our free delivery coverage on our own wheels. These Exclusions are in place to make sure we don’t get ourselves into issues with logistics which may encourage dissatisfied customers which is the last thing we would want , however if a customer needs to buy minimum of 10kg frozen food, we maybe able to help on a regular basis and if a customer needs a 12-15kg bag of pet food on a regular basis, we maybe able to agree a solution, so if you need any special requirements please don’t hesitate to get in contact as we would love to try and help as much as possible. All Orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours If you have any questions, please call or email us Friendships for life x