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Natures Menu

Natures Menu began as a small family business in Norfolk and we’re very proud of our roots.

We’ve been producing Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (BARF) for pets since 1981 and well before that the founders of our family business were raising chickens.

Simple raw minced chicken and turkey were the original 100% meat products introduced to dog and cat breeders in East Anglia all those years ago. It was those expert dog and cat breeders who encouraged us to produce an even wider range of whole minced meats from Irish beef, Lincolnshire rabbit, Welsh lamb and lots of Great British meats supplied by local meat specialists.

Buying the 400g blocks by the case? Please call or email for our latest prices

01903 368338 or lovepetsuk@outlook.com

* Please note that due to the frozen nature of this food we are only able to deliver locally or Click & Collect