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The Flea Lifecycle

Only 5% of the entire flea population is the adult flea! That means that for every 5 fleas you see, there are 95 eggs, larvae or pupae elsewhere. To think that every adult female can lay 2,000 eggs (50 a day) is pretty scary, so you can see how even a few adults can mean serious problems in a short period of time if your pets aren’t protected.

Questions & Answers

What is 4fleas Spot-on?
A highly effective, rapid, monthly spot on treatment containing Imidacloprid, to kill fleas on contact on cats and dogs and also kills biting lice on dogs.

How does the Spot-on work?
Once applied to the skin, the solution distributes evenly across the body. The solution will kill fleas on contact.

How quickly will it work?
4fleas Spot-On starts killing fleas in 3 – 5 minutes in the area of application, 98 – 100% of fleas are killed within 12 hours.

Why dual action?
The solution will also kill flea larvae on contact in the environment within the area around your pet such as bedding, resting areas etc.

Can I still use the 4fleas tablets?
Yes, the tablets can be used with the 4fleas Spot-On, particularly where there are cases of heavy infestations or FAD (flea allergy dermatitis). The 4fleas tablets can be used with other spot-on treatments.

Do I still need an environmental spray?
Yes, for total flea control an environmental spray should always be used.

At what age can the spot-on be used?
4fleas Spot-On is suitable for pets over 8 weeks of age. However, as an alternative 4fleas Tablets can be used from 4 weeks of age.

Can the spot-on be used on nursing or pregnant animals?
oxic effects have not been observed during pregnancy or lactation, although studies are limited.

Can I bath my pet?
4fleas Spot-On is reported to be water fast, however owners should note that shampooing should not be carried out more than once a week to avoid compromising efficiency.

Can I use 4fleas Spot-on in a multi-pet household?

Yes, it is advisable to treat all pets at the same time.